Sapling & Flint

10kt Gold Oak Pendant & Earring Set

$500 $580

Karíhton [gar-LEEH-dooñ] is Red Oak in the Mohawk language. 70% of Canada's endangered and at-risk species call the carolinian forest home.  With the remnants of southern Ontario's pristine woodlands in Six Nations of the Grand River, Walpole Island First Nation and Algonquin Provincial Park; it is largely Ontario's Indigenous communities that are safeguarding the future of much of Canada's sensitive biodiversity. Allow these pieces to be a reminder that it takes us all working together to take care of Turtle Island. 

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Products solid 10kt gold, the studs weigh approx. 1.5M grams and are 1.5cm in length. The pendants weigh approx. 1.5gm (not including weight f the 20 inch 10kt gold chain). MAKE YOUR GOLD YOUR WAY! Choose from a selection of 10kt rose gold, yellow gold or white gold.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: Check your local holiday shipping guidelines here to ensure Canada Post/USPS's ability to deliver your order in time for Dec 24th! 

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