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10kt Gold Birch Pendant & Earring Set

$500 $580

This brilliant, cool white earring set is versatile, and can compliment almost any outfit. It features texturing reminiscent of the papery bark of the white Birchbark tree. Watena'kehtá:rons in the Mohawk language, white Birch is a classic silver beauty in the winter landscape of the carolinian woodlands of eastern Canada and the United States. White Birch tree stands can be found grouped at the edge of the woods, brilliant slivers of white against the grey-brown trunks of the winter woods, where the sunlight is at its brightest in the carolinian canopy. Birchbark has traditionally been a women's medicine among the Haudenosaunee; aiding in the contraction of her uterus after giving birth among many other uses when properly prepared by the medicine people.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Products solid 10kt gold, the studs weigh approx. 1.5M grams and are 1.5cm in length. The pendants weigh approx. 1.5gm (not including weight f the 20 inch 10kt gold chain). MAKE YOUR GOLD YOUR WAY! Choose from a selection of 10kt rose gold, yellow gold or white gold.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: Check your local holiday shipping guidelines here to ensure Canada Post/USPS's ability to deliver your order in time for Dec 24th! 

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