Sapling & Flint is a 100% Indigenous women-owned jewellery & accessories brand that specializes in gold and sterling silver.
Our products are designed and manufactured by Mohawk Nation jewellers Jesse & Dakota Brant, creating high quality pieces to be enjoyed and worn by everyone.
Our Indigenous community is at the heart of everything we do. We proudly create our products right in our home village of Ohswé:ken, bringing employment and economic prosperity to our Nation. Our motto is: "Conversation pieces that share the story of Turtle Island"; we invite all peoples to be part of the conversation!


Our gallery is located in the heart of Ohsweken,  Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.   
Sapling & Flint Gallery 
Iroquois Village Plaza 
1721 Chiefswood Rd., Ohsweken
ON N0A 1M0   
Monday-Thursday, 10-5pm 
 Friday 9-4pm
Please note that our store hours are FLUID. We both have small children and knew when we opened the store that their care, use of Mohawk language and education would be our priority. Sometimes we will be closed for snow days, sick days, or days to take the kids into the bush! We also continue to participate in powwows, festivals and functions throughout Canada and our gallery may be closed as we travel. Please feel free to visit, but if you plan to make a trip to Six Nations just to visit the gallery or inquire about commission-work, it is good to email/call or check out social media to make an appointment, or to make sure we are not travelling. Nyá:wen for understanding and welcome to the family!