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Double Crowned Heart Pendant


The Double Crowned Hearts are designed and finished in Sterling Silver. The Double Crowned Heart is derived from the designs popularized during the 17th-18th century as the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois traded for silver embellishments with British traders.

The original Luckenbooth style hearts came to North America from Scotland, where in Edinburgh these pieces were manufactured and sold from locked booths along the road by St. Giles Cathedral. "Luckenbooth" comes from "locked booths", in reference to the stalls that sold them. The added crowns became a popular mainstay in the designs in both Europe and North America. Silver has been a constant material in Haudenosaunee fashion, being added to clothing and worn as jewelry and protection amulets across the over 400 years of trade between Europeans & North Americans. These silver designs reflect the history of fashion among the Haudenosaunee.


Our sterling silver pendant bails are handcrafted in-house at our gallery.

size: 1.25 inches in length

weight: 3 grams

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