Sapling & Flint

10kt gold Moose pendant


Ska'nyónhsa in the Mohawk language, is a leader and staple in cuisine, toolmaking, ceremonial and cultural life of Turtle Island's Indigenous nations. Using every part of the animal; their bones can be used to make tools; hair is used by expert Indigenous artisans for moose tufting and false embroidery to embellish regalia and accessories that are often treasured for many generations of a family. Many Indigenous families carry their own ancestral designs using moose hair in designing as cultural property; special permissions must be given from one generation to the next and to trusted artists to replicate these designs.


ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The pendant is 3gm of solid 10kt gold and is 1.5 inches in length.

GOLD PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER. If your purchase is time-sensitive, please allot time for us to create your unique piece.

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