Sapling & Flint

10kt Gold Paddle Pendants


 "Haudenosaunee" is our word to describe the great league (Rotinonhsyon:ni in the Mohawk language) and translates to "they build a longhouse" or often more poetically "The People of the Longhouse". With our ancestral villages being built always along waterways, the original highways of our people, an argument can be made that we are the people of the river as well. 

The Mohawk Nation people have made their home since time immemorial along the banks of the Mohawk river in what is now upstate New York. Our 21st century territories encompass the Grand River (Ohswé:ken), the St. Lawrence (Akwesáshne & Kahnawà:ke), the Bay of Quinte (Kenhté:ke), the Lake of the Two Mountains (Kanehsatà:ke) and Miner Lake (Ganienkeh) and the Muskokas (Wáhta).

Navigating our territories over these original highways opened Turtle Island up for trade, alliances, storytelling and ceremony, relationship building and the business of Nations, with our relatives around us. The Haudenosaunee offer our greetings and thanks to all the various waterways of the world, for their cleansing nature and making life possible.



Pendants are 1.5 inch in length and approximately 1gm of 10kt gold and comes with a 20 inch matching wheat chain that is approximately 2.5gm of 10kt gold. Total weight is 3.5gm.

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