Sapling & Flint

Council Fire Pendant

The Council Fire design shared in sterling silver is representative of the masonic ornament pattern developed by generations of Haudenosaunee silversmiths during our over 400 year Trade Silver history. Haudenosaunee trade silver pieces are often uniquely styled with waves, dashes & dots etched into the design by the Silversmith and would provide a meaning unique to the smith. The Sapling & Flint Council Fire is patterned with dots for chiefs sitting in council. The elder brother the Sun above shines his light on the council, while 6 crescent moon designs to the left and right share that this is a council that takes place twice a year. When Haudenosaunee saw the symbols that represented the tools of the freemasons, the square and the compass, they were seen by our ancestors as logs of a fire. Our silversmiths began to alter the square & compass symbols into a Haudenosaunee council fire over time. The base has the head of a turtle representing the earth, surrounded on each side by deer antlers to signify chieftainship. At second sun at the base adds symmetry as is common for both Haudenosaunee and Masonic design. Like all our pieces, this pendant is proudly made in our studio in the village of Ohswé:ken, bringing arts-based opportunity to our community.

*** Complete your Council Fire look with the matching earrings***


Our sterling silver earring hooks are handcrafted in-house at our studio.

size: each design 1.25 inches in length, not including hook length

weight: 4 grams

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