S&F wins industry Gold in CHCH TV Excellence Awards

Beyond excited that Sapling & Flint has been announced as a GOLD WINNER of the 2017/18 CHCH News Business Excellence Awards!! These awards put small business on the same voters scale as large industry and we came out GOLD!! Nyá:wen to all our supporters for casting your votes and putting Ohswé:ken on the map as a community with product & customer service at par with business & industry across southern Ontario! Nyá:wen above all to my family for helping me & Jesse build this business and making our entrepreneurial dreams come true


Shé:kon Theresa, thanks very much for supporting a 100% Indigenous women owned business. We are sorry you were disappointed in our Nationhood wrap skirt not being a natural fabric. We did clearly state in the description of our skirt that it is a Jersey fabric, which is a polyester base and we apologize for not realizing some of our customers would not understand the various names of fabrics. We will immediately fix this in our description. We are proud to state that our fabric is 100% milled, manufactured and printed locally (i.e. not China) as is stated in many other places on our website. We do our best to source & support suppliers that are either Canada based and supporting small business in Canada. We look forward to your return and the hope that this experience will not change your mind in supporting small Indigenous business in the future.

Sapling & Flint December 31, 2018

I received the Nationhood Wrap Skirt today and am so very disappointed. I should have known because you don’t list the content of the fabric but went ahead and decided to purchase because of so much emphasis on natural ways. Its really awful to put a beautiful creative time and energy into something using such a sub par fabric and not natural, fabric probably from china. I can’t wear this and I would be embarrassed to show it to someone with 92% polyester and the rest spandex it’s just gross to touch. I am sorry to be so blunt but fabric content should be listed, don’t waste your time and good designs with such crappy fabric. This was a waste of my time my money and my hope of supporting your shop. Please expect the return and return my $. Thank you in honesty and fair disclosure, Teresa

Teresa Thompson December 31, 2018

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