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Small-scale wholesale (10 packs)

$89.55 $99.95

(please note prices are in Canadian dollars)

We are happy to provide small-scale wholesale orders of our non-medical mask filters. Please note our operation is small; it can take approximately a week to fulfill a wholesale order pending the wholesale order line up. We kindly request you limit your wholesale order to one 10-packs purchase per transaction. We are doing our best to ensure our production can reach as many people/communities/mask makers as possible and small-batch orders can help us meet the needs of everyone. Nyá:wen.

For every purchase of 1 wholesale order we will be donating a 2 packs of filters (one directly to the Chinle Chapter of the Navajo Nation and one to a front-line worker in Indigenous communities). 

5-pack of non-medical ask filters. Proudly made in Six Nations of the Grand River by our 100% Indigenous women-owned business; supporting Indigenous economic opportunity

These filters are designed to be worn with a non-medical face mask. Each filter has 4 layers of spunbound polypropylene and is machine-sewn with a nose piece to sit comfortably against the face, or to be inserted into the pocket of a mask. Breathable & light. 

These filters can be reused multiple times if safely & properly sanitized immediately after use and hung-dried carefully. Never wear torn and/or worn-down materials. Please note our filters are not medically-graded. Wearing masks and gloves do not eliminate the presence of the coronavirus. Hand washing, sanitizing surfaces, and social distancing remain the best advice from health officials. Always follow the advice of your local health authority.

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