Sapling & Flint

Sapling & Flint Long Scarf


Measurement: 72inch x 16inch

Printed on 100% Charmeuse Satin, these powerful Haudenosaunee designs are derived from traditional tattooing, symbols that invoke protection, strength, identity, and the rocky earth of the Mohawk Valley. The red tones represent the Red Ochre paint used to paint our warriors, made from the crushed petrified Ochre found in the Mountains to the south. These scarves were designed by Teyotsihstokwáthe Dakota Brant with love for all who share in a love for authentic Haudenosaunee cultural artforms.

Care instructions: Hand-wash only. Lay flat to dry. If it feels stiff, mist lightly with water and tumble in a low heat dryer for no more than 5-10 minutes. 

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