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Face coverings must always be washed & sanitized immediately after use. Never wear torn and/or worn-down materials. Please note our face coverings are not medically-graded. Wearing masks and gloves do not eliminate the presence of the coronavirus. Hand washing, sanitizing surfaces, and social distancing remain the best advice from health officials. Always follow the advice of your local health authority.

  Our 200 thread count 100% cotton sateen face coverings are silky soft against your skin and printed with permanent reactive inks so they won’t fade even after endless washes.


  They feature a stainless steel nose piece to ensure a tight fit, and soft fabric elastic that can be adjusted to fit your head shape.
 They have an internal filter pocket which acts as the double layer of fabric while also allowing you to insert an additional filter suited to your needs.
 Available in 3 youth and 4 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes (NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS)

While we don’t have a choice to change our lifestyles to suit the world, we do get to choose the artwork that we wear! Cover up with custom printed face coverings and stay safe and stylish!


BEFORE ORDERING: Please note we are drop shipping our online purchases from our fabric printers. Our face coverings are designed, printed and assembled here in Canada. Because of the extremely heavy demand for face coverings we are advising an estimated wait time of 25 business days for the fullfillment of your order (where it enters the assembly line upon order, to shipping). We apologize, but the wait times are out of our hands. We cannot guarantee or offer fast shipping because of the demand; please consider this if you are expecting your order for a certain date. Upon purchase, you will receive a FIRST notice of purchase, and upon shipping you will receive a SECOND notification upon shipment.

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