Sapling & Flint

Corn Bred Robe


The "Corn Bred" design by Teyotsihstokwáthe Dakota Brant and shared on a soft, subtle chiffon robe.

"Corn Bred" is in honour of Haudenosaunee corn growing heritage. The Haudenosaunee people received their corn growing culture at the time of Creation; our ancestor Skywoman fell from the Skyworld to the Waterworld, carrying seeds of many plants with her. She along with her daughter and grandsons, the Twin Creators, were integral to the Creation of Turtle Island, where the Haudenosaunee have planted her seeds and maintained their way of life ever since. The Brant family continues to grow Haudenosaunee corn and other crops at their home in Six Nations Territory. 


  • Available in 2 sizes to suit most body types
  • Easy to wear for a casual look or to dress it up

Care instructions: Hand-wash only. Lay flat to dry. If it feels stiff, mist lightly with water and tumble in a low heat dryer for no more than 5-10 minutes. 

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